Saturday 21st December 2019


264 Highland Home Road, Hargraves

Mudgee NSW 2850

10.30am Saturday 21st December 2019
a/c J Van Dijk

Full payment must be made on the day
Cash or cheque only
No warranties provided on any purchases
Covered footwear must be worn at this sale


Note: there is no access from Grattai Creek Rd. Go to Hargraves village. From Hargraves take the Gundowda Rd for approximately 7km, veer right at the junction of Black Willow Rd onto Wallerwaugh Rd and continue for a further 9km. At the property ‘Wallerwaugh’ veer right onto Highland Home Rd (there is a small letterbox here) continue for approximately 2.5km to the property.

Vehicles with high ground clearance only. Wild dog baiting in the area, please do not bring pets.  

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